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Male Boss Retirement Gift

Male Boss Retirement Gifts

When a boss leaves a Company, it is an opportunity for Team Building within the Company, as well as a chance to present your boss with a retirement gift is to thank him for the opportunity of working with him. In addition to this, thanking him for the different work policies which you have benefited from, the ups and downs of working with him and generally the whole working experience which made you exist today is a good thing to consider.

The best way of giving the outgoing Boss a good send-off and welcoming the new manager, is to have a social event. This provides an opportunity for people to say their individual thank you words, as well as providing a smooth transition to the new management.

The Gift is to say ‘thank you’ but it doesn’t need to be Expensive

Boss retirement gifts need not be extravagant as to go out of your way and sacrifice what resources you may have just to impress your boss. As mentioned earlier, it may be a simple but well organized farewell party, complete with all the formalities and commemorative elements to further honor his participation in the company's existence.

After all, your primary objective in giving a retirement gift is to show some appreciation anyway.

Looking for that Perfect Gift

Unlike women, who prefer lifetime membership at spas or having a ticket in a trip across the world, men simply have different tastes when it comes to retirement gifts. Unlike the opposite sex, who wants to be pampered and to be bathed by luxury, men simply want something that affirms their virility.

They want nothing more than to be a young and energetic young man again, where they can play sports all day and eat anything they want without thinking of the health risks associated with it. So to speak, a good male boss retirement gift must make them almost relive those moments.


When it comes to sports, nothing says “still playable by old people” other than the century-old sport, golf. So gifts like personalized golf sets (if he’s left handed, give a customized golf set for left-handed men), monogrammed golf balls and gloves are perfect gifts not only to encourage him to be active once again, it also helps when it contributes to his declining health.

If golf sets are a tad too expensive, you may opt for squash or tennis racquets.

A good alternative to sports-related gifts are expensive bottles of wine or spirits, but make sure you know his tastes beforehand!

No matter what your gift may be, make sure that is true to the fact that it’ll make the retiree feel as young as possible.


With these general guidelines, it doesn’t necessarily mean that one should forsake personalized gifts. One should always take into account the personality and interests of the retiree. If he loves to read about current events and blogs about it in the internet, then probably a lifetime subscription to The Economist or The Wall Street Journal will be a perfect fit for him. One mustn’t forget that very important and universal rule: suit the gift to his tastes.


Making retirees forget about everything about their age and the limitations that come with it must the premise behind your gift-giving decisions to these retirees. Once you find the perfect blend wherein you mix sports, leisure and fun, then rest assured that you have found the best gift possible for him.

If that cannot be achieved, then simply follow a rule that has stood the test of time: discover his interest, and give a gift related to that. In the end, it’s all about knowing what the person wants and giving it to him.

Running the Company has been a major part of his life. He will now have other interests and hobbies. It is good for at least one person to keep in touch so that the transition from the workplace to retirement can be an easy enjoyable experience.

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